A Little About The Owner

Welcoming Guests For Over 10 Years

About the Owner

My Name is Amaryllis-Lynda and I am the owner of Amaryllis House and Manona Suite

I was born in Athens and lived there for most of my adult life. However, I have always loved nature and became desperate to escape from the noise and pollution of the big and bustling city.

My Grandparents were originally from Fiscardo and I remembered from childhood visits that Fiscardo was the Paradise I craved. In 1999, I made the life changing decision to leave Athens and return to the land of my ancestors. Here, I’m happy to say, I found the peace and balance I had been missing. I could enjoy fresh air, healthy food, fantastic scenery and amazing walks.

Luckily, our family plot was in a fantastic position – with amazing views and close to the sea, the village and the beach. It was here that I decided to rebuild my Great Grandparents house and I created Amaryllis and Manona

It soon became my dream to join the Kefalonia spirit of hospitality and share the utopia I had found.
For 10 years, in co-operation with a large British Tour operator, I welcomed guests and was rewarded by their positive feedback and happy smiles as they made the same discoveries I had made years before.

After gaining so much experience, I decided I would like to manage my property independently and allow guests to arrange their stay directly. Now, with the help of Catherine, a professional who runs the small and popular La French Touch Fiscardo, I welcome you to come and experience this truly magical place.